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Project Industries provide truck crane services in Perth, including professional crane repair services.

In today's fast paced and competitive business environment, keeping plant equipment up and running is essential to the long term success of your businesses. Breakdowns result in lost income, wasted staff time, and interruptions to your customer's schedules.

A properly executed crane maintenance program, backed up with locally held spare parts and emergency crane repair services, will make sure your business will keep operating in a smooth and predictable manner.


On Site Truck Crane Service

Truck Crane Service - Crane Repair Services
We understand that the time you are able to keep your crane equipment operating needs to be maximised to keep your own customers satisfied, maximise chargeable hours and minimise staff downtime, so we aim to be flexible in our support options.

We are happy to work with you to find the best balance between depot based and on-site truck crane service for your equipment.

Preventative maintenance can be carried out at our Malaga workshop, at your premises, or on site where your equipment is operating.

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Emergency Crane Repair Services

Despite the best planning and execution of preventative maintenance we understand that there will always be emergency situations that develop when an equipment failure occurs out of hours or at an extremely remote location.

We have out of hours emergency call out facilities in place to deal with these situations.

Our service team will be you first point of contact in these situations, and you can rest assured that we will be able to tailor a response package to deal with whatever challenges your field operations may be faced with.

We have a large client base of customers in Mining, Oil and Gas as well as Manufacturing and Service industries that have demanding service requirements which we are equipped for and used to dealing with.

We also provide crane installation and spare part services.

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